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Informations from Web – 2017

We feel immense happy to create awareness about few interesting informations published on web in the year 2017. Please visit this place for regular updates…

 27.12.17  Game of Thrones casts – Youtube
 22.12.17  What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning? – Youtube
 22.12.17  BIZARRE Creatures Found In Antarctica – Youtube
 22.12.17  Dangerous living things – Youtube
 22.12.17  Dicsoveries that scientists can’t explain – Youtube
 22.12.17  Places on earth where gravity doesn’t work = Youtube
 15.12.17  Latest discovery – The oldest living vertebrate on earth
 13.12.17  Some Flight Secrets
 13.12.17  Mysterious things found under water – Youtube
 13.12.17  Mysterious things found in Antirtica – Youtube
 09.12.17  Information on bitcoin – the virtual currency
 05.12.17  Nations where Indian Driving License holders are allowed to drive with Indian Driving License
 04.12.17  Various benefits for senior citizens
 19.11.17  Benefits of Alum (Phitkiri)
 15.11.17  Information on Beetel Nuts (Hindi-Supari)
 07.11.17  This will give complex to people watching this video
 23.10.17  Amazing benefits of Mustard Oil
 23.10.17  Is your phone slow due to whatsapp?? read this…
 08.10.17  Difference between LED, CFL & Incandescent bulbs
 06.10.17  Samsung’s own Operating System – Tizen
 06.10.17  Why do nearly all supercomputers run Linux
 06.10.17  Which OS will be the standard in computer in 3000 years
 02.10.17  How to get yourself out from a stampede
 01.10.17  Help line for Men
 01.10.17  Some incredible facts about Indian Railway
 01.10.17  If Linux is one of the best operating systems, why it is less used
 01.10.17  Benefits of eating banana
 01.10.17  The new environment friendly, biodegradable sanitary napkins
 28.09.17  Bill Gates Switched to Android
 20.09.17  What is the power source of Kochi Metro
 20.09.17  Why does Linux appears more faster than Windows
 12.09.17  Eagle Attacks – Youtube
 11.09.17  Breakfasts of India
 10.09.17  How big the Amazon is (Online Shop)
 06.09.17  Next generation computer – Quantum Computer
 03.09.17  This is how the Game Of Thrones actors look in real life
 31.08.17  New Linux Smartphone called Librem-5
 31.08.17  New Linux Smartphone will be out in market very soon
 31.08.17  Another example, dark side of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
 22.08.17  Pictures of beautiful islands in world
 22.08.17  Latest interest rates on savings account of Banks in India
 21.08.17  Why we should avoid Protein powder and suppliments
 21.08.17  Countries celebrating 15.Aug as Independence Day
 21.08.17  Another example, dark side of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
20/08/17  Indian Passport New rules
 19/08/17  Best Hard Drive Life checker
 13/08/17  Internet speed in India and world comparision
 10/08/17  44 trillion cameras will be watching us
 08/08/17  Govt deactivates PAN Card, Find out whether your PAN Card is ACTIVE??
 07/08/17  Understanding GST applicable on e-commerce or online business
 06/08/17  Most popular computers in history
 06/08/17  Different types of browser engines (apart from Chromium, Geko and Edge)
 03/08/17  Quick tricks for daily life – Youtube
 03/08/17  Cool computer and phone hacks – Youtube
 03/08/17  Evidences that shows we are living in future – 5 – Youtube
 03/08/17  Evidences that shows we are living in future – 4 – Youtube
 03/08/17  Evidences that shows we are living in future – 3 – Youtube
 03/08/17  Evidences that shows we are living in future – 2 – Youtube
 03/08/17  Evidences that shows we are living in future – Youtube
 03/08/17  How to clear space from Android phone
 02/08/17  Amazing Womens around the world – Youtube
 02/08/17  Truth of China – Youtube (Hindi)
02/08/17  Adverse impact of Artificial Intelligence, Part-2 (the complete Facebook story)
 01/08/17  Adverse impact of Artificial Intelligence (in Hindi).. do we really want it?
 30/07/17  Tamil Nadu (India) Switches to Linux
 30/07/17  Best Light weight Linux for starters
 30/07/17  Countries with Linux based National Operating System
 29/07/17  Information pool for Advantages of Linux over Windows
 29/07/17  Reasons why Linux is better than Windows
 29/07/17  Its time to switch over from Windows Operating system to others like Linux… Read why??
 29/07/17  Nuclear bombs around the world and their destruction power
 25/07/17  Scientists say Moon may have water..
 25/07/17  Other browsers, apart from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
 23/07/17  Win 10 closing doors for older hardwares – watch the video
 23/07/17  China’s Dinosaur Fossil Wall…World’s Biggest Jurassic Site
 23/07/17  New Species Of Fish That Weighs Over A TONNE
 20/07/17  How to sell your old gadgets online in India
 16/07/17  This micro animal can outlive the Sun
 15/07/17  What is Artificial Intelligence
 14/07/17  Earth is on its way to the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs
 12/07/17  ‘Super-Earth’ Discovered Among 60 New Planets That Could Support Life
 09/07/17  Stop Snoring
 09/07/17  Pay GST on Credit Card
 07/07/17  Meat Lovers – Meat takes longer time to digest
 07/07/17  Convert your Smart Phone to a security camera
 07/07/17  1962 India – China war – History you should know
 06/07/17  Aadhar PAN linking not mandatory for all.. Read this…
 05/07/17  GST and cut in vehicle prices
 04/07/17  Strange Natural Things in World
 04/07/17  Game of Thrones Actors, Past and Now
 04/07/17  Countries that have highest numbers of broken marriages
 01/07/17  Now you can fly paying less – read this
 01/07/17  GST roll out, things which are cheaper and costlier
 01/07/17  GST roll-out, List of items in 18% tax slab
 30/6/17  GST Things you should know
 29/06/17  End of the world movies from Hollywood
 29/06/17  Gardening and health benefits
 26/06/17  Interesting facts about Tirupati Laddos
 23/06/17  What will happens if men become extinct on earth
 21/06/17  Why Microsoft stops Windows 7 updates on new systems
 16/06/17  Advantages and disadvantages of choosing Linux operating system
 15/06/17  How to file Income Tax Returns in India
 15/06/17  Income Tax – What is Assessment year and Financial year
 09/06/17  What happens to your body when you are in an aircraft
 07/06/17  How to share printers between Win7 64 bit and Win7 32 bit
 06/06/17  Tax rates under GST
 03/05/17  What is Windows Defender
 31/05/17  Linking your Aadhar card to your mobile no – mandatory
 27/05/17  Information on Dandruff
 27/05/17  What is MS Windows Powershell
 19/05/17  IRCTC Tatkal Rules
 19/05/17  What is TQWL in IRCTC wait list?
 19/05/17  With Android O, you may never have to download another app again
 18/05/17  The Largest Single-Memory Computer System Ever Built
 16/05/17  The popularity of Windows XP
 15/05/17  7 symptoms of unhealthy liver
 12/05/17  What is EVM Machine
 09/05/17  Amazing Home Inventions
 08/05/17  Is chicken skin bad for health
 08/05/17  14 states of U.S.A. where tech workers make the most money
 08/05/17  Popularity of Programming languages (TIOBE Index)
 08/05/17  Glimpses of New York’s Century old Subway system
 04/05/17  Windows new flavour Windows 10S, Pros & Cons
 03/05/17  Home Business Ideas
 03/05/17 Animation video – what will happen if an asteroid hits earth
 03/05/17  Information on Elaichi (Cardamom) in Hindi
 28/04/17  Things one should not put on their resume
 27/04/17  Understanding the laws related to viewing or downloading movies in India
 27/04/17  Is it illegal to download torrent movies in India??
 27/04/17  Is viewing pirated films or online movies illegal in India??
 27/04/17  Is downloading Torrent movies illegal in India??
 27/04/17  What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)
 23/04/17  20 images shows impact of global warming
 21/04/17  Seven lessons on making money
 20/04/17  Giant Ice berg floating
 06/04/17  Everything is hackable in Internet of Things (IoT)
 05/04/17  Five incomes which does not requires to pay tax
 04/04/17  Naturally Get rid of uric acid crystals in the joints
 04/04/17  Symptoms of Thyroid
 04/04/17  Uric Acid and Gout related informations
 01/04/17  How Broiler Chickens are made
 01/04/17  How Eggs are Made
01/04/17  Ten Income Tax Rules from April 2017
01/04/17  New steps for e-filing ITR for Financial year 2017


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