In some part of our life we all think of becoming an entrepreneur some day. Business gives us security, freedom, creativity, ownership and of course money. But I have seen many people who plunge into business and then unable to run it efficiently or leaving it after some years.

So let’s talk about business as far as I have understood it.

Business is passion – We all might have loved some body intensely in our life. That gives us a passion about that person. Business is also passion, when we operate a business we always think about it, we get related to it, whether I am gaining high or low but I love it. A person who is not having that passion must not do business.

Business is not money – Yes you got that right, money is just mobility, like for driving a vehicle we need petrol; but if tomorrow the mode of mobility changes like the vehicle is run by solar or battery or hydrogen or any thing else the vehicle will still run. The same is applicable with business, money is just mobility, if in future something else comes instead of money, it will still continue. Like in past when there was no money people used barter system (to trade in exchange of commodities) to do business. So money is everywhere but business is not money.

Business is strategy – No business can run without a strategy, whether small or big, but business needs strategy. An almost perfect planning with almost perfect timing in almost perfect place is the key to success in business. Why I am writing “almost” is because planning is never perfect, it enhances every time you perform it. Hence strategy needs creativity to enhance your perfectness.

Business is not copying – The most dreadful thing in business is copying. I have seen many business in my life which implemented the strategy of copying other businesses and flopped. Business needs creativity and creativity cannot be copied. Like you cannot copy a brain of other person. You cannot copy the concept or strategy of other business. You may learn from other business and then implement it according to your wish, but you cannot copy it. Hence do not copy in business, use your own brain, your own creativity, your own strategy.

Business is continuous learning process – Yes,  you have to learn from every small things to every big things in life to become an entrepreneur. Throughout our life we do not stop learning. Every thing around us or in nature teaches us, the only thing is required is our openness and our acceptance to learning. As you know one cannot fill a filled glass of water, for filling water in a glass the glass has to be completely empty or partially empty. Like wise for learning you have to presume that you don’t know any thing about it. The moment you get the feeling that I know it, you may miss something from learning. So keep your senses and brain open for learning.

Business needs patience – Like you sow a tree or plant and then you have to nourish and nurture it and keep patience until it gives flower or fruit, like wise business needs patience, love, care, passion to grow. Business is old wine, it matures with age. If you are thinking that you get into a business and get success immediately, it may not be possible.

Business needs expansion – Expansion in all manners is essential for business growth. Building relation with everybody is one of the essential part of business. Expansion in customer data base and product items means growth in business. Business is like essence (scent, perfume), if you have it, it will spread by its own, and no body can stop it.

There are many more things, business is a process which never ends and so are the entrepreneurs they never get tired. Remember success is only the tip of a ice berg and there is no shortcut to success.



author debashish ray

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