“Sustainable living” is what is todays demand and living in future. So to start with the topic let’s understand what “Sustainable living” is??

In simple language “Sustainable living” is living in harmony with nature; reducing carbon footprint; generating your own food as far as possible; recycling and proper  (maximum) utilization of your resources; reduction of waste and much more = healthy  sustainable living.

It is easy to follow sustainable living, the only thing required is to change your thought process. Many people may give some or other excuses for not following it, or it is their ignorance or lazyness for not following it,  but believe me if you think, you can easily follow this.

Let’s take few examples, +++ where ever you are staying you can plant fruits, vegetables or herbs in unused containers like waste water bottles etc. or where ever you get place. Nature is persistent, and if given a chance can grow anywhere. +++ Instead of using your own pertol or diesel run vehicles, usage of cycles, walking or public vehicles for transit, this makes your body work and keep it healthy. +++ The dresses or wearables which you cannot wear can be donated or sold to people who require it. +++ Reduce purchase of electronic gadgets or repairing faulty electronic gadgets instead of purchasing a new one. +++ Take a reusable bag along with you when you go for shopping and do not take bags from shops. +++  use and reuse paper, it can stop cutting down of forests and thus controls decrease of forest area. +++ Water is the most precious thing we use, do not waste it, reuse as much as possible, do water harvesting if possible. These are some of the things we can do on daily basis, and there are many more. Use our creativity, always think how you can make maximum out of your resources or products.

Remember whatever we use, comes from Earth’s natural resources. There is nothing that is coming from external heavenly bodies or some exo-planet or any human being or any other thing is producing. We have limited resources, and it depends on us how we use it or waste it.

Sustainable living is just opposite to what is so called “materialistic development” by human being. For sustainable living you have to use your creativity to solve your day to day requirements with least purchasing it from market.

Believe me sustainable living not only saves earth but saves you and keeps you healthy by reducing your stress levels and using your body’s physical power. People may call you miser but do not bother about their words, you are much more intelligent than those people.

Think…, what is the use if you are earning in lakhs but spending thousands in your medical bills… or otherwise…

I proudly say, ” I practice SUSTAINABLE LIVING!! ” Do you???

Caution : +++ Always wash your hands with soap after doing gardening and waste management. +++ Always keep your nails trim and clean.

author debashish ray

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