An experiment which became successful.

Today morning one jovial instance happened at my home. One of my family member made Idly and groundnut chutney for breakfast. Since she was working in early morning, may be in half sleep, she has put neem leaves instead of curry leaves in the groundnut chutney. She was unable to recognize as both were dried.


Neem Leaves

Curry Leaves

When I ate the chutney it was bitter, and it became a jovial instance. Now the problem was how can we make the chutney eatable, since it was lots of it and we did not wanted to throw all of it. So I did an experiment.

I put some salt in my bowl of chutney and I tasted; aaannndddd…  it worked. Though the bitterness did not diminish completely but it was decreased enough that the chutney can be eaten with idly. No body knew about this combination at my home and hence I thought of bringing this in front of you people, in case you face such kind of problem…