Branded or Unbranded!! Does this really matter??

Lets think….

In few societies branded is taken as a matter of status, or social respect, etc. but there may be alternatives to those products, which can also be used if status symbol is not brought into consideration.

There is a proverb in hindi that “paair ki juti ko sar par nahin rakhtey”, translation in english is “footware cannot be kept on the head”. Elaboration of this message is, that even if my shoes are pretty costly, I will not keep it on my head, I will wear it on my foot.

Thus, according to me, how does it matter whether a product is branded or unbranded, but it does matter’s whether I am comfortable using the product or not. There are may things which are handmade, home made or made in small scale industries, which are not branded but those are more comfortable to use than branded factory made items.

It is merely our presumption that branded products are better than unbranded products. But in a general observation, which ever type of product it is, most of the time we look for whether we like it or not depending on many things like taste, colour, durability, usage, comfort, like, dislike etc. Unbranded items are more repairable or can be more recycled as the raw materials by which they are made are easily available in comparison to branded items.

Unbranded products are less costlier than branded products, as the branded companies charge extra for their brand. Like street food is always cheaper than restaurants, whereas in taste wise, both merely has any difference, or sometimes street food tastes better than restaurants.

By purchasing unbranded products, you may be doing social service by paying to run a lively-hood of a family.

Yes, there are certainly few things for which there are no alternative option other than using branded items, for which we cannot do anything, but otherwise life in unbranded is not so bad, and moreover we save lots of money which can be used for other things or can be saved for next purchase.