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Informations from Web – 2019

Activities in 2019

14.12.19 What is Open Source Software
22.11.19 Interesting information on Niagara Falls
10.10.19 A documentary on Artificial Intelligence  (what is happening around us..)
02.10.19 What are the impacts of 5G wireless transmissions – Video 1  | Documentary movie “Take Back your Power”  |
01.10.19 What is sustainable living and how it can make a difference to our life…
30.09.19 How Artificial Intelligence will change our life in future.
23.09.19 How spark plugs work
23.09.19 How NASA images tells dozons of stories
03.09.19 Images taken from Electron Mocroscope
23.08.19 Few pictures of deep sea creatures
23.08.19 Indian railways and horn types of trains
16.08.19 Let’s understand the number plates of Indian vehicles
16.08.19 Some rare facts about Arvind Kajrewal – (think of it before voting, who do you want to make your leader, some illeterate guy or some literate person who can change the face of a nation?)
16.08.19 Some mysterious fact about the world
01.08.19 Historic photographs of Calcutta, India
30.07.19 Fascinating engineering facts about Titanic
24.07.19 Rare species of pocket shark discovered
24.07.19 History of Kanwar Yatra
18.07.19 Impact of Global Warning
17.07.19 How NASA transports its rockets.
12.07.19 Rishikesh’s Lakshman Jhula closed after 90 years
11.07.19 What your fingers tells about your personality
10.07.19 Comparison of main computer of Apollo 11 mission, 1969 with today’s mobile phone
09.07.19 Sony celebrates 40 years of “Sony Walkman”
09.07.19 Amazon to launch thousands of satellites to create global internet network
06.07.19 The current traces of “The Great Mughal Family”
05.07.19 Secure your passwords with Dashlane  |  instead you may use our offline password locker for more safety as the data remains always with you, click here…
02.07.19 Are UFO’s real?? News on few UFO sightings around the world  |  Historic representation of UFO’s
30.06.19 Some Biggest lies of India – as per this Yahoo article
29.06.19 200 million years ago crocodiles were vegeterian
29.06.19 Inventions by Elon Musk
27.06.19 A interesting research on women’s dating
27.06.19 Few exercises to increase your height
26.06.19 Nutritional values of eating raw banana
22.06.19 Beautiful mehendi works
11.06.19 What Space Stations will look like in future
10.06.19 Michelin’s new airless tyre
10.06.19 KLM’s New Aircraft
10.06.19 Information on Aerogel, the lightest solid in world
08.06.19 Know about Azim Premji, the chief of Wipro (Wipro stands for Western India Vegitable Products Ltd.)
07.06.19 What is repo rate and how it works
06.06.19 Parents, know about learning disorder of child, help your child to overcome it..
05.06.19 Be prepared for such a catastrophe, if you are dependent on cloud or server based storage, Read This… It is always advisable to store your data with you. CD, DVD and Blue Ray Discs are best options for storing your valuable data.
31.05.19 Is printer or xerox machine toner powder injurious to health?  |  Article 2  |
31.05.19 What is Dry Shampoo, and how to use it?
30.05.19 Where do we go after Earth? Watch this…
30.05.19 Any idea how big our solar system is? Watch this…
28.05.19 Sea water from Ice age found in Indian Ocean
23.05.19 This is why we all must read the agreements before signing any agreement. We all click on “I Agree” without reading while signing any app.
09.05.19 What is Android Emulator – Android Emulator is a kind of software which allows android apps to run on your Windows PC, as you use apps in your Android smart phones. Here is a list of 9 best Android Emulators – Click here…
09.05.19 Information on one of India’s favorite drinks “Rooh Afza
09.05.19 Windows phone will not be able to use Whatsapp after 10th March 2020
09.05.19 Incredible way of living, must appreciate and learn to protect nature
08.05.19 Amul’s marketing concept  | What is Umbrella branding
08.05.19 Finally Microsoft is moving towards Linux | What is WSLAbout WSL

scientists make world’s first 3D printed heart using human cells

29.04.19 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure
26.04.19 How to stop Google from tracking your activities. Must Adopt..
23.04.19 How China feeds its so vast population – Must Read…
23.04.19 Watch what robots can do…
18.04.19 How many types of cancer are there?
18.04.19 Massive asteroid is passing near to Earth on 18.04.19 
13.04.19 robotic devices to help animals survive extinction
12.04.19 What can happen of an aircraft goes out of fuel in mid air ??? 
11.04.19 How to vote, when you are away from home – Click here…
13.03.19 Some practical weight loss ideas – Click here…
05.03.19 What is stroke and how to deal with it – Click here…
04.03.19 Must Watch – Our Solar System –  Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3  |  Video 4  |  Video 5  |  Video 6  |  Video 7  |
18.02.19 What A.I. can do – Video 1  |  Video 2  |   Video 3  |  Video 4  |  Video 5  |
14.02.19 Good to know, lifestyle of Emirates Cabin Crew
12.02.19 Types of USB Connectors
08.02.19 Arial photos of Kumbh mela Click here… Kumbh mela is one of the biggest mass gathering which can be seen from moon.
05.02.19 A journey with SONY CORP. – Video 1  |  Video 2  |
19.01.19 The future of  power banks – Super Capacitors – Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3  |
16.01.19 Artificial Intelligence – Video 1   |  Video 2  |  Video 3  |  Video 4 |  Video 5  |  Video 6  |  Video 7  |  Video 8  | and there are many more scary A.I. videos and informations available which are going around the world.  Think…
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