After working on MS DOS & MS Windows as a pro user since 1993 for more than 25 years, I stepped on to Linux on September 2019. It was a very good journey working on MS Windows for so long time, and I was quite satisfied also, hence never looked for alternatives. But after closure of Win XP, it took me time to transform directly to Win 7 from XP. But with the closure of Win 7, I am not comfortable with Win 8.1 or Win 10 due to non sustainability of Windows operating system. Frequent updates, crashing of system, change of only looks in name of up-gradation to higher versions, whereas the inner working remained the same, flexibility & customization (which I came to know the difference when I started using Linux) and many more which I realized after using Linux.

I started transforming all my office works in Libre office and WPS office some 4 years back, so I was not using MS office since then, because I was not reliable on Windows. More over Libre Office and WPS office has few better features which is not available in MS Office. So half of my burden was already shredded while transformation. With the closure of Win 7 in 2020, which made me insecure and thus I started to look for alternatives. I already had Linux Mint and Linux Lite which I used for data recovery work.

Co-incidentally one day, one of my other system had a crashed HDD. Now, I was unable to load Win 7 or Win 8.1 on that HDD. So after trying for 4 – 5 days, I thought of trying Linux Mint on that system. Aaaand… It worked!! I was amazed to see that Linux has not ignored the crashed HDD. Since it was installing the entire HDD from scratch, I did not had to bother as the previous data was already gone. And thus I started exploring Linux mint. I was amazed to see the flexibility, customization, graphics, speed, security of Linux Mint. I was in learning process and exploring Linux Mint was quite interesting. Approx. 15 days passed, and more and more I was into Linux Mint but my main system was still running Win 7. Now I was in a condition that for learning purpose I have to switch over to other system and for working I have to come back to working system. It was getting inconvenient for me.

So one day, I thought of loading Linux Mint along side of Win 7 as dual boot on my main system. And then I tried to bring all my work on Linux. Google and my experiences proved to be a good trainer. But for approx. 2 months I was like booting Linux and rebooting Win 7 again and again. Doing some work in Linux and got stuck up and rebooted Win 7 to get it finished. I had to search for alternative softwares on  Linux Mint and learn them. I came across a web site named, which was very helpful in searching alternative softwares on Linux. Gradually I transformed all my work on Linux from Win 7. So after 4 months I am 100% working on Linux and I am comfortable also. I am confident now to carry on this Operating System for long time.

After having such a beautiful experience on Linux Mint, I thought of educating people to use Linux. There are lots of help available on internet, so I will try to bring it to you, so that you can use such a beautiful Operating System. And believe me, once you have learned Linux, you will not be willing to go back to Windows any more. While transforming to Linux, you must have a mind set, that it is a different galaxy and you are moving from Windows galaxy, it is but natural that every thing must not be same as Windows galaxy. So to get through it you should have a mind set to learn from what ever you get. Off course your Windows experience will be counted at some place here.

I find Linux Mint is pretty simple and easy, hence people who are migrating from Windows may start from Linux Mint. I will keep updating my other tutorial blog from time to time, viewers are requested to visit those from time to time. The link is mentioned below: