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Learning Linux – Lesson 1

Linux is a fantastic operating system and you can almost design Linux according to your wish, which is not possible in Windows. To make you understand it in layman’s word, Windows is like staying in a ready made flat (apartment) whereas Linux is like making your own house as per your wish and staying.

The first thing to start with is, let’s understand Linux. Linux is a vast galaxy, much much bigger than Windows and that is why a new comer gets confused on which planet to step in, or better to say which Linux to use.

In Windows we have used versions, like Win 98 then Win ME then Win XP then Win Vista then Win 7 then Win 8 then Win 8.1 etc. The common thing is every time you are using a modified version of windows.

Whereas in Linux it is divided into Distributions and then versions. To have a look of how it looks  Click Here …  SHOCKED!!! So to understand the map, every name you see is a distribution of Linux. Which is really very vast than any other Galaxy like MAC or Windows. Then in every distribution it has its version and every version has a name, like, now I am using Linux Mint (Ver)-18.3 (Version Name)-Sylvia

To understand the version number, it is also fantastic. Lets take an example of Linux Mint 18.3, that means this particular version was released in the year  2018 in the month of March (3) and that is how it gets its version 18.3.

Now, go back to the map Click Here …  and notice that Linux Mint is coming from Ubuntu and Ubuntu is coming from Debian and Commodore OS has developed from Linux Mint. To understand the entire map in lay man’s way is that Linux is a big Galaxy and where there are many major galaxies like Debian, Slackware, Red Hat, Arch, Android etc (refer map if required).  Then Ubuntu is a smaller galaxy  in which Linux Mint is a planet and Commodore OS has developed from Linux Mint. Remember Commodore OS is not a satellite or moon. It is also a planet in Linux Mint Galaxy.

Now remember that we are in Debian galaxy which operates in different way than other distros. (galaxies). To have a glimpse of Top Linux Distributions Click Here…  Before selecting any version just keep in mind to take the LTS version which stands for “Long Term Support” which is usually for five years. That means your operating system will get updates for coming five years from the date of release.

I think this is enough for today. I hope you have understood this, we will continue it in next lesson….

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