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Learning Linux – Lesson 2

As we are clear about how Linux distributions and versions work, there are few more things to know about the look of Linux that we can change as per our wish. Till now I have explored about 10 desktop environments in Linux. Basically Desktop environments manages how your desktop looks and works, how your computer’s hardware resources like CPU, RAM is going to work etc,  they are not themes. Every desktop environment has many different themes of their own. Like Linux Mint’s default desktop environment is Cinnamon (which I am using now) and I can install any theme inside Cinnamon to change its looks and colors.

Few Linux desktop environments are Gnome (which is probably the first desktop environment of Linux), Xfce, Mate, LXDE, Cinnamon, KDE Plasma (which is adapted by Win 10 now and has been there since 12th July 1998). Click here to view the desktop environments of Linux.

With the change of desktop environment your settings also changes. So suppose I am using Cinnamon now and if I change over to MATE all my settings in cinnamon will go and I have to reset MATE accordingly again. Frequent changing of desktop environment also hurdles working hence as per my experience if you are changing desktop environment use it for minimum one year then change the environment. The best part is that in Linux you can change desktop environment instantly, like just logout change the desktop environment and login again.

With soooo much variations you should not get confused, as which ever Linux you use, it operates more or less the same way. Or you can say that almost all Linux operates more or less the same way. That means if you learn one Linux you will be able to adopt other. So cool down…..

The overall Linux system is based on variety of softwares. For each and every work your have multiple softwares and you can do it differently on your own way, the only thing is required to select a perfect software for you. No doubt windows has maximum number of third party softwares, but  Linux is also not lagging behind. In windows users get maximum softwares bundled (means all together), but in Linux mint some are loaded in bundled form but you can change it by installing other softwares. Like for example although the default desktop environment of Linux mint is Cinnamon but you can install windows themes to make it look almost like windows. Unlike windows third party softwares which are not always reliable, Linux softwares are tested and confirmed for reliability hence are more secure than windows softwares.

With so vast variety of Linux you can install almost any software any where. The only thing you have to remember is that, which is the main galaxy you are in, like if you are using Linux Mint you are in Debian Galaxy. So all other distros in Debian galaxy will work in almost same pattern. We will discuss about this in details in future.

Some Linux softwares are so versatile that you can get it in Windows and MAC also. They are universally accepted and you should not face any issue in using them in other operating systems, unlike windows and MAC, whose softwares cannot be used in other systems. They work in their specified operating systems only.

Linux softwares are generally divided in three parts, applets means the softwares which can be installed in the panels (called as taskbar in windows), desklets are like gadgets in windows, and application softwares are used for doing some specific work (like word, excel etc.).   

I think for today it is enough, will continue in next lesson.


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