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Informations from Web – 2020

Activities in 2020

05.01.2020 How geography turned the Sahara Green – Video
05.01.2020 China’s human tracking system – Video
06.01.2020 Amazing technologies of 2019 – Video
06.01.2020 Few discoveries of 2019
09.01.2020 World’s largest telescope
17.01.2020 Some important health tips
18.01.2020 Importance of Strait of Hormuz – Video
19.01.2020 Alternatives of Gmail – Video
22.01.2020 Learn about serial and parallel battery connections
24.01.2020 Some facts about corporate life
01.02.2020 Life of Parveen Babi (the famous actress of bollywood)
05.02.2020 We are heading towards a Mini Ice Age in 2020  |  How Ice Ages happen – Video
05.02.2020 Planet Mars had an Ice Age about 400,000 years ago
05.02.2020 Animated video shows how planet Earth will look like if all water is drained.
06.02.2020 World’s biggest ice berg drifts
06.02.2020 Types of dental crowns  | Article 1  |  Article 2  |
07.02.2020 Bumblebees face mass extinction – scientists warn
08.02.2020 Antarctic records hottest temperature ever
08.02.2020 Some myths about moon
11.02.2020 NASA fixes Voyager 2 remotely
13.02.2020 Ancient Antarctic ice melt caused sea level rise 129,000 years ago
13.02.2020 Researchers say salt water may form on Mars
13.02.2020 Dramatic decline in count of Antarcitc Penguin
13.02.2020 Plan to dam entire North Sea could protect millions from rising oceans
14.02.2020 Ghost Population
14.02.2020 Antarctic temperature rises above 20 degrees
15.02.2020 Asteroid Alert! NASA tracks space rock hurtling towards Earth with enormous speed, could flatten continent
16.02.2000 Some monuments of love in India
18.02.2000 Stay healthy, eat less meat
19.02.2020 Why you don’t need blue light lenses – Video must watch
20.02.2020 Inventor of Cut, Copy and Paste dies at 74
20.02.2020 The future of vision – AR contact lenses
20.02.2020 Future Car..
21.02.2020 American Scientists Admit Desi Washing Beats Toilet Paper
22.02.2020 Major breakthrough in battery technology – Video
23.02.2020 How to disable Cortana and speed up your Windows 10 system
24.02.2020 Incorrect postures of some Gym exercises – Video
03.03.2020 Are you color blind? Check it yourself
10.03.2020 The future of trucks
10.03.2020 Some of the rare pictures of Indian history
12.03.2020 10 deadliest pandemics (A pandemic is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or worldwide) in history
12.03.2020 Gwalior Palace
18.03.2020 Indian Govt. building database to track every Indian
Started on 18.03.2020 regular updates Information on Corona Virus

Instructions if you are home qurantined  |  How long Corona Virus Live  |  How dangerous is Corona Virus (people’s view)  |  Corona FAQs  |  Myths about Coronavirus  |  A positive news from a Coronavirus victim  |  Article on chances of survival  |  Coronavirus and Sex  |  Nature is taking back Venice  |  India Acts to COVID-19  |  COVID-19 Global update as on 20.03.2020  |  Myths and Facts about Coronavirus  |  Doctor’s experience  |  How to make sanitiser at home  |  What happens when a person is infected by Coronavirus  |  Covid19 – What facilities will be working during lock down in India  |  Will Coronavirus ever be wiped off  |  Coronavirus leading to drop in air pollution  |  Coronavirus in relation to movie “Contagion”, watch it…  |  Research  |  A incredible story must be appreciated  |  Live example how dreadly coronavirus is  |  Nature is sending us a message  |  Airpollution drops in European cities  |  Research  |  Research  |  Coronaviruses impact on Earth  |  Coronavirus FAQ  |  Coronavirus FAQ  |  Coronavirus – explained through 3D animation  |  First image of Coronavirus from India  |  An article on predicting coming months  |  Woman Created India’s 1st COVID-19 Test Kit During Pregnancy  |  Some home remedies to keep your lungs healthy  |  Research  |  How does Coronavirus effects different part of a human body  |  Coronavirus effect – Nature is bouncing back  |  How dengerous Coronavirus is?  |  Coronavirus could become seasonal  |  Research  |  Research : How does sanitizers and soap kills the coronavirus  |  Research : How long does coronavirus survive  |

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18.03.2020 Meaning of 5 numbers on Indian Railway Bogies
20.03.2020 Large astroid approaching Earth
25.03.2020 New credit, debit card rules from 16th March 2020
27.03.2020 Great Barrier Reef suffers mass coral bleaching event
30.03.2020 Benefits of Methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds) |  Article 1  |  Article 2  |    |
05.04.2020 Largest ever hole in ozone layer
05.04.2020 Intelligent plants
11.04.2020 Some largest and deepest holes on Earth
13.04.2020 You can change DTH service provider without changing your set top box
14.04.2020 Amul factory vists will make your eyes open – |  Ice Cream  |  Cheese  |  Butter  |
15.04.2020 Space age speakers
20.04.2020 Human destruction : Article 1  |  Article 2  |  Article 3  |
23.04.2020 Documentary film – The world without humans
01.05.2020 What kind of citizenship will a child get if born in a airplane?
04.05.2020 Documentary : How people live in Space Stations
06.05.2020 Documentary : Submarine cables (Underwater cables), that’s how the world is connected
12.05.2020 Vimi – The forgotten bollywood actress
14.05.2020 Moon isn’t dead
19.05.2020 Super baby  |
20.05.2020 Coffee can lose weight
21.05.2020 Talcum powder can cause cancer
22.05.2020 Watch how airlines park thousands of planes
25.05.2020 Earth’s magnetic field is weakening  |  Must watch this documentary on Artificial Intelligence – Click here…  |
12.06.2020 Some WOW!!! photograhies  (Special attraction of Michael Bross, on how embryo is formed)
16.06.2020 How Microsoft and Google rules us
25.06.2020 The future of Space tourism
05.07.2020 Home remedy – to remove nipple hair
15.07.2020 Health tip : Benefits of turmeric milk
17.07.2020 Smart phone memories
25.07.2020 Some interesting facts about Google that many people doesn’t know – How Google file system works  |  Some myths about Google
04.09.2020 Some medical signs in our body which indicates alert.
14.09.2020 The future of aircrafts  |  Some psychological tricks
18.09.2020 Must Watch – Mig-29 Vector thrust demo
05.10.2020 How to stop someone from snoring
26.10.2020 Internet on moon
02.11.2020 Gene editing can be fatal (when human’s are trying to become God!)
06.11.2020 Interesting information from Mahabharata  |  Rekha, the Indian Actress  |  Few big living creatures
12.11.2020 Google photos wont offer free storage
13.11.2020 Huge building moved to other location – Incredible technology
14.11.2020 What are the dark sides of entrepreneurship
16.11.2020 Some facts about Indian history  |  World’s first electrified wingsuit  |
18.11.2020 What are five dimensions, and what is fifth dimension  |  Glimpse of some old forgotten jobs  |  What are the benefits of cycling
03.12.2020 Extraterrestrials may be watching us  |  Growing food on space
14.12.2020 Raven X, the world’s largest unmanned aircraft system by mass, designed to deliver satellites to space as fast as every 180 minutes
16.12.2020 Ola to setup world’s biggest scotter manufacturing factory in India
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