With the rise of Coronavirus pandemic we are trying to bring the latest informations to you, so that we can defeat the Coronavirus by knowledge. To know what is Coronavirus – COVID19 and how it started read the following articles : Article 1  |  Article 2  |  Article 3. This article is an ongoing process and hence keep visiting to get latest updates throughout the world.

What Coronavirus taught us, in my opinion :

  • Never tamper with Nature, as when nature tampers us it give no time and is drastic.
  • It is human race which has caused maximum damage to Earth. With the severe decline of air pollution through out the world during lock down period due to Coronavirus, the same has been proved. And if given a chance, nature can still revive.
  • Importance of washing our hands and staying neat and clean.
  • Discipline to stand in queue and wait for ones turn.
  • Stay with family, importance of family life, a family photograph is more valuable and memorable than a selfie.
  • The importance of Indian Culture of “Namaskar (joining both hands to greet somebody – Click here to see images)”
  • How we have to improve our system to deal with such emergencies, and work in a team.
  • Unity in so much diversity (language, culture, religion, states, etc., it is said that in every 50km culture changes in India) of India, particularly the entire world came to know when they came together and cheered up the Coronavirus warriors. This can happen only in India.
  • Humanity to help others in hard times.
  • Cremation (burning dead bodies after death) performed by many religious groups across the world, particularly Hindu’s is the best way of disposing dead bodies.
  • Usage of face masks can avoid lots of medical issues like, allergies, infections etc.

Coronavirus Live Status

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Information on Coronavirus

We have already started gathering information since 18.03.2020 in an unorganized manner in our “Informations from Web” section, which we are now maintaining in an organized manner in this blog.

Date Updates
Started on 18.03.2020 regular updates Instructions if you are home qurantined  |  How long Corona Virus Live  |  How dangerous is Corona Virus (people’s view)  |  Corona FAQs  |  Myths about Coronavirus  |  A positive news from a Coronavirus victim  |  Article on chances of survival  |  Coronavirus and Sex  |  Nature is taking back Venice  |  India Acts to COVID-19  |  COVID-19 Global update as on 20.03.2020  |  Myths and Facts about Coronavirus  |  Doctor’s experience  |  How to make sanitiser at home  |  What happens when a person is infected by Coronavirus  |  Covid19 – What facilities will be working during lock down in India  |  Will Coronavirus ever be wiped off  |  Coronavirus leading to drop in air pollution  |  Coronavirus in relation to movie “Contagion”, watch it…  |  Research  |  A incredible story must be appreciated  |  Live example how dreadly coronavirus is  |  Nature is sending us a message  |  Airpollution drops in European cities  |  Research  |  Research  |  Coronaviruses impact on Earth  |  Coronavirus FAQ  |  Coronavirus FAQ  |  Coronavirus – explained through 3D animation  |  First image of Coronavirus from India  |  An article on predicting coming months  |  Woman Created India’s 1st COVID-19 Test Kit During Pregnancy  |  Some home remedies to keep your lungs healthy  |  Research  |  How does Coronavirus effects different part of a human body  |  Coronavirus effect – Nature is bouncing back  |  How dengerous Coronavirus is?  |  Coronavirus could become seasonal  |  Research  |  Research : How does sanitizers and soap kills the coronavirus  |  Research : How long does coronavirus survive  |
04.04.2020 Hope : Aged couples recovers COVID-19  |  Indian Railway converted railway coaches into isolation wards  |  Research  |  Wild invading human civilization  |  Research : Vaccine development  |  Development  |
05.04.2020 Difference between symptoms of Coronavirus of Flu or allergy  |  Hard to believe, North Korea’s coronavirus count is nil.  |  Appreciation: How two army generals stopped the spread of coronavirus among their soldiers  |  History : Deadliest epidemics and largest quarantines in the world  |  Can Coronavirus Cause Damage to The Central Nervous System?
06.04.2020 Research : COVID19 can be stopped  |  How India is planning to unwind lockdown  |  Officials warn India’s lockdown may extend  |  Research : Anti parasite drug may stop COVID19  |  Can a mother transmit COVID-19 virus to foetus or newborn?  |  Research : Doctors hope BCG vaccination may reduce intensity of COVID19
08.04.2020 India’s preperation to fight Coronavirus  |  Research : How Coronavirus works  |
09.04.2020 A beautiful video on COVID19
12.04.2020 How COVID-19 kills (Must watch and understand why is it necessary to stay at home and stay safe as far as possible)How Coronavirus works
13.04.2020 A real time story to learn lesson from for Coronavirus  |
14.04.2020 Food safety  |  Another stab on nature  |  Impact on jobs  |  Coronavirus symptoms  |
15.04.2020 How to make face mask in 45 seconds  |  Decoded COVID19 melody  |
16.04.2020 Research : Scientists Confirm First Case of Coronavirus Transmission From a Dead Body  |    |
20.04.2020 Research : Will there be a sceond wave of coronavirus?  | Nature’s come backArticle 1  |  Article 2  |  Article 3  |  Article 4  |  Story of a Corona warriors : Article 1  |  Article 2  |  Article 3  |  Article 4  |
22.04.2020 Nature’s come back : Article 1  | Positive news  |
25.04.2020 Positive news  |  Research : Can Coronavirus spread through fart?  |  Human trails of covid-19 vaccine  |  Nature’s come back : Article 1
26.04.2020 Research : Coronavirus detected on air pollution particles  |  Nature’s come back : Himalayas can be seen from Jalandhar  |  Law for blocking burial or cremation of victims of notified disease  |
27.04.2020 Research : NASA built ventilator for COVID19  |
28.04.2020 Nature’s come back : Ozone layer healing up  |  India’s air pollution healing up  |  Research : Hope for vaccineCOVID-19 new symptoms  |
04.05.2020 Research : Covid toe  | Documentary : Origin of Coronavirus  |
06.05.2020 How much money does Indians need to flyback to India during lockdown   |  ResearchAntibody that prevents infection  |  Nature’s come back : Himalays visible from different parts of India  |  Clear picture of moon  |  Video of New York City  |
06.05.2020 Click here for Entry pass & Exit pass for West Bengal
12.06.2020 New guidelines for deadbodies infected by COVID 19  |  ResearchAI to predict COVID 19 infected patients  |
19.05.2020  Diffrence betwen Covid 19 and common flu  |  Why loss of smell and taste can be symptoms of Covid 19   |  Covid 19 antibody test kit  |  Research : Covid 19 preventive drug  |
23.05.2020 Hope : How pandemics end  | COVID 19 – new turning point in infection  |  Using UV-C light for treating COVID-19
 24.05.2020 How to take care of your face mask  |  Hope : 100 year old patient recovers  |
15.07.2020 Health Tip
20.07.2020 Must watch – South Korea illuminate the sky with coronavirus messages
29.07.2020 Covid-19 Symptoms : Day by day progress of COVID 19 Symptoms  |  %age of symptoms experienced by COVID 19 patients  |  COVID 19 symptoms by WHO  |  COVID 19 symptoms in eyes  |  Symptoms of COVID 19 Vs Cold, Flu, Allergies  |
26.09.2020 What are the early signs of COVID 19?
01.11.2020 Three permanent side effects of COVID 19
16.12.2020 COVID is triggering a rare, deadly fungal infection in India
16.12.2020 Wuhan market after a year of COVID outbreak
23.12.2020 COVID-19 spreads to Antarctica  |  News on side effects of COVID-19 vaccine
25.12.2020 New Corona virus strain is more contagious
13.01.2021 Information on how COVID-19 vaccines work
20.01.2021 Bharat Biotech issues fact sheet for who should not take COVAXIN
07.02.2021 Difference between N95 vs. KN95 vs. KF94 masks
23.02.2021 Information on COVID-19 new strains, how it is different from previous one  |  COVID 19 new strains Article 2  |  Impact of new Corina Virus on India
24.02.2021 News on reactions by COVID 19 vaccine  |  Risks of upcomming new pandamics  |  Who should not take Covaxin
04.03.2021 Important information on Coronavirus
18.04.2021 Covid 19 vaccine update
04.05.2021 Corona vaccination – why some people have side effects and some don’t

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