Electricity, one of the boon’s of modern world, which has made inventors imaginations come true, and consumer’s expectation fulfilled. But this is not what has inspired me to write this blog today. The motivation behind writing this blog is the electronic pollution in which we live, and how peaceful our life can be without these gadgets.

Recently in few occasions like no electricity at home, or staying in hospital with minimum electronic gadgets, realized me that we are living in electronic pollution zone which is leading to high stress, and how peaceful it is to live in minimalistic usage of electronic gadgets.

Nowadays electricity has taken an important place in our life, any thing you touch or see is mostly driven by electricity, and we have become so addicted that we cannot live without it. But if we try to reduce the usage of electronic devices and gadgets, we can live healthy and unstressful life. We have to teach us to stay happy with minimalistic usage of gadgets and devices. For that we have to teach us to reduce our expectations, stay un-updated (so-called in modern world), re-usage of old gadgets and devices, resource management, do not purchase a new device or gadget until the existing one is not working, prior to purchasing a new device or gadget give a try to rectify or repair the present gadget or device, prior to purchasing a device think twice whether do I really need it?

By doing so we can reduce the electronic pollution around us and thus living peacefully. Use your creativity and imagination for not using an electronic gadgets and devices in your daily life and experience the peace you get. There are lots of activities happening in nature, take interest in that, and experience a peaceful life. Once you start doing it, you will start loving it.

Remember a simple lifestyle is always beautiful.