With the innovation and distribution of Internet and Smartphone, people have become more conscious about their surroundings. Now a days it is very common that you search on internet about any thing, and the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Duckduckgo etc. are smart enough to answer your questions immediately. Even if you go to some unknown places you can find whereabouts of that place by searching on internet.

Businesses are one of the most beneficial sector from internet. Now a days it has become easy to make your business global and it has become more easy for the customer to search any business to satisfy his / her needs, even in an unknown place.

Recently I came across one of my friend who wants to bring his business online, but he is unable to take a decisions, how and what he should do. So basically writing this blog is to bring some of the factors in front of those people who wants to make their business online through Web site or Apps.



Websites are more reachable and versatile than Apps, as it does not require any platform. Suppose you have a website, which can be viewed by which ever operating system you use (like Windows, IOS, Linux or any other) or which ever browser you use (like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, or any other). Websites can work across any device also like Desktop, Laptop, TAB, Smartphones, Basic Phones etc. Apps are less reachable and versatile than websites because it uses specific platform like, apps made for Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian etc. Apps made for one platform cannot be installed on other platforms.
Website doesn’t require to be installed on the system on which you are using internet. Which makes it more easy to use than Apps Apps needs to be installed on the system (smartphone) prior to using it. Which not only uses memory of the system but also restricted to cross platform usage.
Today’s websites are very smart and are compatible to smartphone or any phone, TABs or anything. That means the website which you see in a web browser can also be seen in a display of a smartphone or any phone comfortably An App is made for smartphone only and also for specific platform. You cannot run apps on other systems.
It is easy to search a website in internet by any search criteria, like type category etc. It is not possible in case of Apps
We can make bookmarks of a website on smartphones to appear like an App on any platform, for frequent usage It is not possible to use an app unless you install it and that too restricted to different platforms.
Websites are less bulky on end user as every thing is centralized and every thing is on the cloud (server), users are virtually accessing it. Apps are bulkier, as the entire system gets loaded on users system. So a low configured smartphone may not be able to install an App if it is heavier.
Since websites are easily accessible and can be searched by search engines, it becomes easy to publicity. An anonymous user can find your website without knowing your website address or URL Unless you tell users about your App people will not come to know about it.
You can make to view your website to any body in this world by sending the URL or website address through any means, even through SMS, or writing it in a piece of paper or verbally by telling it. Not possible
It is easy to do database management on a website; even if you are not using any kind of database, then also it becomes easier to handle it. It is bit tougher than website to do database management and hyperlinks.

So, these are some of the noticeable points for selecting Website over Apps. Though it is someone’s personal interest whether to choose Website or App. An App can become an additional feature over Website if needed but it cannot replace Website.

Hope this article was informative enough to decide whether to select Website or App for your work. I will keep on adding points, whenever required. So, do visit the site to keep yourself updated.