Translate on Mozilla Firefox Browser (using Google Translate)

At first I wish to mention that I was using Windows operating system when I wrote my previous blog, but now I am using Linux Mint operating system, hence there may be differences in the versions of Mozilla Firefox. Please consider it while working.

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox Browser
  2. On top right corner there are three vertical lines, click on that > Select Add-ons
  3. It will open the add-ons menu, Click on “extensions” which shows all the extensions installed in Mozilla Firefox browser.
  4. Just look below you may find “To Google Translate” below, click on “Add to Firefox” or type “Google Translate” on the search bar and press enter
  5. It will install “Google Translate” to your Firefox and add a icon beside your URL (address) bar
  6. How to use: To translate any page, just open the page and right click on the page to open the tool tip menu, (refer to the below mentioned image), select “Translate this page” option
  7. It will show your screen as mentioned below, on the top of page you will get “To Google Translate”, select your desired language from the second drop down available.

Note : This blog is dedicated to Rimantas Sabaltis