Recently I heard from a doctor that our body parts have a warranty for 40 years (more or less) and after that things stop working one by one, so to keep continuing life we have to do servicing.

So what kind of servicing is actually required???

After thinking a lot I came out of some solutions, which I am also applying in my life.

A. Food : Our stomach is the powerhouse of this system (body), so whatever we eat is reflected in our body. So to keep healthy we have to eat healthily and on time. Start following schedules. Eat less junk foods. Eat foods which are easily digestible. Follow ancient Indian style of eating, four course of meal, means :

Breakfast : Your breakfast should be heavy filled with all nutrients, a hot drink usually tea or coffee or any kind health drinks which gives all kind of supplementary nutrients like vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamin D) (example Horlicks, bournvita, etc.) and one banana (the most inexpensive fruit with lots of features), before 9:00 am.

Lunch : Then your lunch should be medium heavy, eat as you wish, between 1:00 to 2:00 pm. A power nap (short sleep) after lunch is like “Sone pe Suhaga” (in Hindi) and “Icing on the cake” (in English), which is not compulsory.

Evening snacks : And then comes evening tea time for some snacks which should not be so much heavy that you don’t feel hungry at night for dinner, between 5:00 to 6:00 pm.

Dinner : And finally dinner which should be light or super light, no animal meat or heavy protein to be included, less fried or fatty items, mostly boiled if possible or simple diet which is easily digestible, between 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

Drink ample of liquids, particularly water is the best.

B. Exercise : Little bit of exercising, like walking or cycling as much as you can do, followed by a total body stretching (no targets defined and no hard core exercises, remember you are not body building).  Body stretching literally means stretching every part of our body. Which means stretching starting from fingers in your hand to fingers in your foot. The best time for waking up is just after dawn if possible, as a human being is a diurnal animal (animals which do their activity during day time and sleeps at night), which means at around 5:00 to 6:00 am, which also means sleeping before 11:00 pm. Though this time differs from person to person as after how many hours of sleeping they feel fresh. As I say “my sleep is my own” but if you can wake up before 7:00 am your brain and body feels rejuvenated.

I believe in 20 minutes of workout, that is enough for staying fit. Refer to my earlier blog on fitness – Click here…

C. Take less medicines : Do not take medicines very frequently unless it is required, particularly pain killers. frequent taking of medicines reduces your immune power. Use some alternative therapy like home-based solutions, Ayurveda, or old medical practices to solve some issues before going for some treatment.

D. Do some gardening : It keeps you happy, reduces stress, and physically fit. There are many ways of gardening, if you do not have land space, if you are living in apartments, you can still do gardening in pots and tubs. At least plant any kind of a plant and take care of it.

E. Use fewer electronic gadgets : Our life is filled with electronic gadgets nowadays, which is a reason for less physical activity and more stress. Try making habit of living with fewer electronic gadgets. Click here… to read my blog on how we are surrounded by electronic pollution.

F. Start your own venture or business : I have seen many people who are doing a job and are planning for their retirement after 60 years, saying that I have worked for so many years and after retirement, I am not going to do any kind of work and simply relax. But the reality is different (as we know, an idle brain is devils workshop). It doesn’t work that way, nobody can survive without any work, they will start living stressed life and we all have experienced the same during Coronavirus lockdown throughout the world. And since they have not planned to work after 60’s they face great problems economically and mentally. So start some venture or business as per your interest at 40’s so that after 60’s  when you don’t have anything to do, you can take care of your venture or business to pass your time and keep yourself busy and will be supported economically also.

Note : Occasionally take 1 or 2 days off from your exercise,   occasionally do some late-night parties or eating heavy foods or junk foods is OK, Your body should feel more natural and should not take schedules and restrictions as your habbit,

Life after 40’s is really interesting, as you have gained enough knowledge and experience to apply it in your coming days, your kids are enough grown up to take care of themselves. Gradually you become freed from all the responsibilities for which you have taken birth and survived. So live it happily and generously. Help others and preserve nature. Pass on good messages to others so that people can remember you forever, and believe in “life is all about living till you live….”

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