Have you ever realized, Our generation plays a very significant roll in linking the past and the future? We witnessed some of the epic timelines…

= We are the one who saw millenium, and wrote date with a year 2000, we also wrote some strange dates like 20/02/2020, 20/02/2002, 22/2/2002, 20/01/2002 etc. writing 2k instead of the year 2000. The next year with triple zeros will come after 1000 years that is 3000.

= We all know that industrialization started in the year 1800’s which changed the scenario of the entire world but it took pace after 1900’s. people used to live very simply prior to that,

= We witnessed air pollution at such a level, that we drilled a hole in the ozone layer, which was only possible by nature or probably god prior to humans. We raised the entire world’s air pollution so fast in merely 100 years that it never happened in the history of earths evolution. We “rock & rolled” planet earth.

= we witnessed growing forest in desert and converted thousands of square miles into forest, growing rice in salt water, and many more, which was not possible by nature also.

= Our generation saw people connected to each other on the other side of the world through the air in merely a few seconds, minutes and hours, with the innovation of technologies like radio, television, phone, internet, aviation, etc.

= Though the concept and usage of electricity came in the year 1800s but our generation witnessed wide and common usage of electricity. And now we became addicted to it, now if there is a blackout for 5 min, our heart beats faster and our body sweats more than if somebody had a love affair.

= Though battery was invented in 1800’s but it was put to common people in 1900’s only. Which revolutionized everything we use today, including our heartbeat when it uses pacemakers. We are capable of taking electricity with us all the time. Only god and nature was capable of doing this magic prior to human.

= We witnessed the concept of light pollution which is destroying the natural life of nocturnal (animals which are active at night) animals.

= Our generation saw the historic event of stepping outside our planet earth and stepping in other space objects like the moon. We also saw human beings and other earth life staying in space in space stations, and we became one of the alien generations (if any other alien generations exist).

= We witnessed many major inventions in medical science, microbiology, genetic science which may designate our doctors, and researchers as future gods. Which was not possible in the past. We cloned and modified many lives on earth. We even invented some species also like fluorescent fishes, frogs. We mutated chickens without feathers and many more.

= Our generation is the one which saw human beings turn into Cyborg’s and planting artificial items in their bodies.

= Our generation saw the invention or utilization of computers, phones and the internet and people connecting to each other throughout the world.

= Our generation saw the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in common people, which is said to revolutionize the entire world in the future.

= Our generation saw pandemic COVID-19 and understood what is a pandemic, and lockdown of the entire world.

= Our generation saw the world pollution level coming down to almost neutral, and the ozone layer and the earth is healing during COVID-19 lockdown throughout the world.

= We witnessed purchasing items from market cashless, using cards, internet, phone, or face scan for making payments instead of paying through hard cash.

= We witnessed wide usage of a camera which can capture anything and make it a piece of historical evidence.

= We witnessed invention of some of the deadly weapons which can wipe out the entire earth in minutes or seconds, earlier it was either possible by nature or some extra terrestrial bodies.

= We witnessed the transformation from bullock carts or animal driven carts to four wheelers and multi wheelers (train) to hyper loops to teleportation (may be till we die).

There are many more and there are a lot to see in the future, as life is still continuing…

So feel the pride of being a member of millenial generation if you are also born during this period. Hence we are a linking generation, the linking blocks, when human being was nothing and then became almost god powered , which connects to the future (we may be the future god’s). You have some proud real-life stories to tell your grand childrens that you are from the millennial generation.