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Disclaimer: This article is not meant for downsizing any individual, race, community, or nation. We just tried to bring some facts in front of you.

(It is a request to all the viewers to watch the videos completely and read the blog till end, only then you will be able to see both sides of a coin and reach to a conclusion).

Recently we came across a video on “boycott Chinese products”. Let’s watch the video :

We also came across some data about percentages of polls collected, which must be shared with you.

His thought process is absolutely correct and raised patriotism amongst us. But then we thought, is it possible? So we did some research and came across some of the answers, let’s watch them :

  1. Video-1
  1. Video-2
  1. Video-3
  1. Video-4

So, after watching the realistic data analysis, it is now confirmed that to beat China, we need to grow ourselves, and being patriotic we take the challenge. (play “Josh mein, par Hosh mein” in Hindi, English translation “It’s good to be geared, but be alert”)

If it would have been so easy and realistic, America would have nailed China after what happened to its citizens in COVID-19.

It is also a request to all the viewers, that before taking any decision, we must make a habit of seeing both sides of a coin, and stop copying or forwarding, make originals if you want to beat China.

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