Every civilization has its rich culture, which binds its people together; their unique food, tradition, folk songs, prayers, folk dance, festivals, etc. But Indians has a very versatile culture, and we Indians are binded to our sweet culture, no matter where ever we go, where ever we stay. We might be settled in some foreign land but we tend to follow our sweet culture where ever possible, particularly in three occasions – Birth, Marriage & Death.

The sweetness of spicy Indian foods, colorful foot tapping folk songs and dances, versatile religions, different languages, festivals, are breath taking experiences. India is a country of different languages, religion, different people and their different eating habits, versatile folk songs and folk dances are such things which are not found in any other country in the world.

The sweetness of Indian culture is so strong and binding, that can be felt by when people from other countries get attracted and adopt Indian culture as their own culture. Even if an Indian goes to foreign land, searches for at least Indian foods, and foreigners don’t leave  a chance to have Indian cuisines whenever they get it,

So that is the essence of Indian Culture, which you have to feel it and for that you have to visit India. So whenever you get  chance to feel it, feel it like an opportunity given to you.

Below are the links of videos and pictures to virtually feel the essence of Indian culture. For real experience visit India.

Pictures – Festivals , songs , religion , dances , foods

Videos – Festivals , songs , religion , dances , foods

Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpiguri, Bharat