Human being, the most powerful species on Earth since its evolution of about 5 lacs years ago. Since then human beings are being ruling the planet earth. In the duration of past 5 lacs years, human beings has made many innovations, which has been against or in favor of natures rules. During these days of innovation, human being innovated a machine called “Computer“, which can do lots of work efficiently and faster, and hence has become one of their favorite tools.

With the development of computer and modifications in it, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.)” came into existence. A machine which can think and work like human beings on its own. But with the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), human beings seems to be, going to be defeated in the race of ruling. Because, A.I. has its own intelligence and it can learn from its surroundings and experiences, and can take decisions accordingly on its own, and hence it may be ruling the planet Earth in future. Though A.I. might be having good intelligence but they might be lacking in emotions which human beings have.

There have been may experiments which are on going on A.I., to see how fruitful it will be for human beings. In some of the cases we have started living with A.I., but in few experiments it has been observed that it has denied human commands. What, if it goes against human race, or slaves human race?

If we look at the darker side of A.I., we will realize that since it is more efficient than computers, hence it will be more faster adaptable than any other machines till now. With the evolution and adoption of computers in our daily life, our world has faced a severe job shred. Till now it is ok, as the computer does not has its own intelligence and needs to be run by human beings. But what about A.I., probably they won’t need human beings to run them selves, and they will be replaced in position of human beings leading to unemployment.

We are already running through a phase of severe unemployment through out the world due to adaptation of computer and other machines in our daily life. And as we know unemployment leads to poverty and poverty leads to all other issues in a society. This is not the only issue if A.I. is brought to life, there may be many more issues which the world may be facing which may come up with the on going experiments on A.I. or later.

Below mentioned are some links which says the adverse effects of A.I and what is happening in A.I. world.

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Now looking at the scenarios, do you think we really need it???.

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Author : Debashish Ray, Jalpaiguri, India