Electricity has become one of the basic necessities of our life. We all know what consequences we will face in absence of electricity. I know, what you are thinking, no mobile phones, computers, lights, machines, gadgets, etc. and our life would be a hell. Think beyond that, the impact of no electricity will be beyond our imagination, probably we would not be able to survive, have food, drink clean water, and may be inhale fresh air in future etc.,  as what ever we do today is directly or indirectly related to electricity. We have become so used to it that we never imagined our life without that.

But do you think that we should start preparing ourselves for any such kind of crises days? No body knows what we will be facing in future; a war, some kind of catastrophy or some kind of natural disaster or may be some kind of long blackout, may create any kind of crises.

To reduce our dependability on electricity, we have to search out the substitutes of electricity. Change our thought process. Usage of muscle power instead of electric power. Have to start thinking survival concepts without electricity.

I know, many may say this is all crap thoughts; may be… but the world in which we are staying now is very much unpredictable…..

Author : Debashish Ray

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