Translate on Mozilla Firefox Browser

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox Browser
  2. On top right corner there are three vertical lines, click on that > Select Add-ons
  3. It will open the add-ons menu, Click on “extensions” which shows all the extensions installed in Mozilla Firefox browser.
  4. Type “translate” on the search bar and press enter
  5. It will list out all the results. scroll down until you see “translate whole page”
  6. It will take you to the next screen, click on “add to Firefox”
  7. It will ask for your permission, click on “add”, and the translator will install and show you on top right corner of the browser
  8. How to use: Open any web site or web page
  9. Click on “translate” icon on URL bar, it will show all the languages available, select your desired language and the entire page will translate into the same language.