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Learning Linux – Lesson 6

By now I hope that you had a friendship with your Linux Mint. Yes, you might be facing issues with application softwares as the application softwares which you used in windows are not the same here. But do not worry, the application softwares in Linux are much better and has more options than Windows. As I told you earlier that it is a big different galaxy than windows, so you have to be adventurous to explore the new world. Even if you moved to Mac from Windows, then also it would have taken you some time to explore the things there, so take the challenge. It will take some time to learn and there are enough resources and help available on internet for learning them. And learning on Linux has a positive point that it is universal, means the knowledge and experience you gain can be used in operating other operating systems also. One of the best things I like about Linux is that, it’s huge community and help available on internet.

So today we will take our next leap understanding System Settings and File Manager.

System Settings :

System settings in Linux is just like Control Panel in Windows. It is categorized in four major groups, appearance, preferences, Hardware and Administration. If you scroll through the options provided, it is self explanatory and you will be able to do settings of the entire operating system according to you. Please find below two images of system settings in Linux Mint.

c system settings 1c system settings 2

File Manager

File Manager (Files in Applicaiton Menu) is equvalent to file explorer in Windows. It is a very important place for all  operating systems, from where you can control your files and folders on your system. File manager in Linux is far better than windows. There are so many options which are not available on windows.

  • All your files and sub-folders can be viewed in a scroll down manner if you click on the arrow in front of folders.

file system1

  • You can setup file manager by selecting > Edit > Preferences

File Management Preferences_004

  • You can add any folder to bookmark on left panel by dragging it


  • Linux has a very good feature of opening folders and sub-folders in new tab like internet browsers. You can also open the folders in new windows also. Just right click on the folder and select “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window”.

open in new tab

file tabs
Image showing file manager in Tabs
  • If you drag your present opened window to any corner to your desktop you can place it there occupying half of the screen. There is no need to resize it, every thing is automatic.

file manager on desktop

It has many more options, and it is really difficult to explain it in a blog, so I advise you to go live and explore the world yourself, keep reading or watching all the helps available on internet, gradually you will come to know about it. Every thing takes some time to grow, so give some time to your Linux learning, it is not at all tough to learn Linux and believe me it will be fruitful.

Enough for today, until next session…



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