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Every day we come across many informations, which we find interesting & informative, and should be shared to our viewers. Thinking that, we are starting this column which will display interesting informations which are published on net.

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Inception Date : 01/04/2017

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18.07.18 Coffee and health benefits
10.07.18 Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
26.06.18 5 best alternative operating systems for Windows users

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What is in Dark Net, What is Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence – to be scared ofA.I. Might take over the worldA.I. Will change everythingWhere A.I. is today

09.06.18 Black Cumin (Kalonji) for hair growth / baldness
09.06.18 Involvement of Artificial Intelligence in our life
06.06.18 Why condoms are flavoured??   How actually it tastes Video, Video 2
02.06.18 Few safe internet browsers
15.05.18 Whether to buy a diesel car or a petrol car
 03.05.18  GST Information

GST RegistrationTurnover below Rs.20 lakhs have to register GST

 02.05.18  Early signs of pregnancy
 01.05.18  Amazing Items found after Sunami
 29.04.18  Home Tips
 28.04.18  Future Technologies,

More1, More2, More3,

 19.04.18  Big companies where in Degree is not mandatory for getting a job
 12.04.18  Earth’s Mysterious Second Magnetic Field Revealed
 11.04.18  Surprising things found inside body
 10.04.18  Interesting information about Earth
 10.04.18  Africa splitting into two parts
 10.04.18  Google launches its Human interactive smart speakers
 10.04.18  Cloud Seeding (Artificial Rain)
 10.04.18  Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Big Tech
 10.04.18  WhatsApp is Sharing Your Payment Details With Facebook
 08.04.18  Information on cancer

Animated Information to Cancer

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05.04.18  DoT issues 13-digit numbers for M2M network trials
 02.04.18  India is 2nd largest mobile manufacturer in world
 02.04.18  Information on Facebook’s data scandal
 31.03.18  Astronomers Find the ‘Impossible’: A Galaxy Without Dark Matter
 30.03.18  Microsoft is creating two new divisions and down-grading
 30.03.18  Why to file ITR if your income is below taxable income?
 28.03.18  How to see what Facebook has stored about you???
 26.03.18  Understanding Data Privacy
 24.03.18  Benefits of Jaggery (Gur in hindi)
 17.03.18  Some interesting psychological facts
 03.03.18  Ironies of life
 03.03.18  Moon to have 4g network by 2019
 02.03.18  Free job posting sites in India
 19.02.18  Understanding different image file formats and their uses
 19.02.18  How to change image resolution of MS powerpoint slides
 17.02.18  10 foreign travel destinations where value of Indian currency is higher than value of that country’s currency
 12.02.18  Future of mobile technology – Youtube
 12.02.08  Concept of Dual Camera in mobile phones
 12.02.18  Understanding Camera quality – Youtube
 12.02.18  Understanding Mobile RAM – Youtube
 12.02.18  Understanding Mobile Processors – Youtube
 12.02.18  How to understand which mobile processor is best – Youtube
 06.02.18 Manglik calculator – 2
 06.02.18  Bejan Daruwalla’s view on being Manglik
 06.02.18  Being Manglik is not a curse
 06.02.18  What manglik’s must know
 06.02.18  Manglik myths
 06.02.18  Manglik calculator
 06.02.18  What is Manglik – Information on Manglik
 20.01.18  Calculating value of your money after 10 years
 16.01.18  Incredible Iceland Pictures
 15.01.18  How to boost up your mobile signal
 15.01.18  Symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency
 15.01.18  Importance and symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency in our body
 13.01.18  Tips on Interview Dos and Don’ts
 13.01.18  Information on LED lights
 11.01.18  Compatible browser for Windows XP – 3
 11.01.18  Compatible browser for Windows XP – 2
 11.01.18  Compatible browser for Windows XP – 1
 11.01.18  Investments that could help to pay zero tax in India

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